About Us

We provide international business solutions


We are a Mexican-German company; we specialize in the international business flow between Mexico and Germany. We also have the appropriate tools to sell quality products with high demand in specific markets of the european union.


We work together with our clients in the exportation, importation and investment processes. Our client’s products have the higher quality standards, however, each market require different rules and regulations to fulfill, in AMERICA HANDEL we locate the buyers and we work with our clients in the adaptation of the products in order to be sold in the local market. The procedures we used create market opportunities that detonate on success stories for our clients.


Our office and distribution centers in Mexico City and in Germany can provide the exact representation that your product needs, we can offer the storage and distribution direct in our facilities, we close the deal for you and we can delivered with local transportation, ensuring cost savings to sell products under competitive prices in highly demanding markets.