Our International business services help our clients to export and import their products, we start with business plan to product adaptation, we find the right deal and the right buyer for your company.

If your company exports a product or a service, we can offer you support and information from our business networks to find new buyers in foreign markets.
Foreign markets requires norms and regulations to be fulfill to accept new products importation, in AMERICA HANDEL we can provide real time information to your company.
We can generate new business projects with your company were our sales team can support your sales department to create a bigger and stronger sales force.
In the exportation process the final price of the product is the key ingredient for a good deal, we can offer you company a correct logistic that can reduce your product final cost.
Government grants can help your company with exportation costs; we can help you with the information from our local markets, in us yo have a specialized team in this matter.
We help buyers from Mexico and sellers from the world getting together to understand terms and conditions of business agreements, for more information contact us